Training Center

Where We Build Our Heroes


At Top Star Group, we give utmost importance to the training that is given to all potential guards. We have a specially dedicated training center at which each guard has to undergo rigorous training for 90 days before they could perform their formal duties. At the Training Center we ensure that the guards are trained not just for the awareness and importance of safety, but also for their physical and inner strength to guard against any danger. For 90 days they are trained by experts for which makes them hard built to cater to any endangered need. The training covers multiple segments like strength testing and various combat sports like boxing, martial arts, kick-boxing, karate, etc. to ensure efficiency of guards. We train the security personnel for reputed companies theoretically & practically for Security duties viz firefighting & terrorism, Bomb diffusion along with its methods of search / evacuation, etc. Post training, they could crack mysteries surrounding your concern and help you find a solution for the problems like theft, vandalism, abduction, missing cases, etc.

After this 3-month long training process, each employee goes through the certification process as prescribed by the Government of India. No employee is allowed to report to their duties unless they hold a valid Government certificate of being fit and suitable to be a person responsible for other’s safe living. Along with Government procedures, guards are required to disclose all details to Top Star Security Group in order to maintain a clean record of guards assigned to different clients. Also, their details are checked and verified by Top Star Group’s legal experts to prevent any frauds or breach.