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By Investigation, Top Star Group assures in depth study of the subject and delivery of best results. Here we perform investigations for pre-marital checks, spouse cheating threats and other cases relating to abduction, missing reports and private & corporate abuses. Our detectives perform thorough background checks and ongoing details of the subject are recorded.

  • Dating Scams Investigation
  • Pre & Post Matrimonial Investigations
  • Extra Marital Affair Investigation
  • Detective for surveillance
  • Detective for Missing Person
  • Detective for Teenage Monitoring
  • Detective for Tracing Individual
  • Detective for Cyber Crime
  • Civil Cases Investigation
  • Crime Cases Investigation
  • Child Custody & Maintenance
  • Detective for Divorce Cases and Alimony
  • Detective for Shadowing
  • Telephonic Harassment investigation
  • Detective for Forensic Reports
  • Detectives for Pre-Post Employment
  • Bank Fraud Investigation
  • Detectives for Under Cover Operation
  • Business Investigation,
  • Tracing Individuals & Companies
  • Detectives for Insurance Claims
  • Detective for Asset Verification
  • Detective for Theft

Spy Services

At Top Star Group, we help you to slyly observe fraudsters, competitors, enemies and other concerns for your benefit. We help you follow their activities like a silhouette and then plan your moves accordingly. In order to provide the best spy services, we offer a range of spy gadgets and devices which will aid the process of investigation and help you have a clearer picture of current activities.