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Security guards with or without arms & ammunition and personal body guards can be hired for varying purposes.


Audit, supervisory and examination officers to help curb malpractices in an organization, theft and vandalism.


Investigation relating to a person, a company or a scam is carried out by our professionals to give you the best results.

Dog Squads

well-trained dog squads to aid the process of investigation and help find important objects.

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TOP STAR Security & Allied Services give preference to the recruitment of Ex ‘Servicemen’ who are well disciplined dedicated and discharge their duties with loyalty and sincerity. While recruiting security staff of different categories we ensure candidates are from respectable families with good character, educated and with good physique. We also carry out police verification to make sure the people we employee are from a good back ground and honest. In addition to above we also maintain proper records with photograph, copy of ration card (Where ever required) and copies of educational qualification certificates etc.We at TOP STAR Security Services (Group) believe that to have better and efficient functioning Proper Communication and co-ordination with the organization is of utmost importance we thus maintain proper relation /contacts and follow ups with the client. Our experience in this area has proved to be very useful and effective.

Equiped cash Vans

Well-equipped security vans would be provided to organizations or individuals to transport volumes of cash and other valuables from one place to another. These vehicles are made of the of best quality materials and modular techniques in adherence with global quality standards. These are bullet-proof, fire-proof and protected with modern technology; which make them impossible to be robbed easily.

Armed Gaurds

Guards with good knowledge of arms & ammunition are given hard core training on weapons and licensed arms are provided to them. These guards can be hired for highly sensitive projects and areas to upgrade the security level and make the place safer.

Armed Guards
Security Guards
Body Guards
Security Supervisor
Security Officers

Skilled Detectives

Detectives for different cases can be hired to study and follow the case individually and provide measures to overcome a forthcoming hurdle. They stay under cover and make sure that no destruction is caused nor is their identity or the purpose revealed.

Security Officers

To add to the level and strength of security around your area, security officers can be hired who will be supervising the security guards and would ensure no loopholes are created.

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